3 Quick Lunch Break Workouts For Weight Loss & Strength

Benefits of Quick Workouts

In a perfect world, we’d have all the time we want to do things like get a full body workout in, make home cooked meals three times a day, and go to the spa like it’s nobody’s business. However, we live on planet earth in reality, and sometimes we need to make do with what we’ve got.

Getting a quick workout in during the day is better than no workout at all! Imagine thinking that five minutes of ab exercises is pointless. Maybe if you’re looking at a single day, but what about if you look at it on a year-long scale? If you were to do five minutes of abs three times per week for a year, that would be 13 hours of ab exercises! Now does it seem pointless?

Not only do short workouts add up over time, but they will also improve mental strength. So even if you squeeze in one of the quick lunch workout routines I’m going to share, I promise they will be worth it–for body and mind.

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