7 Fun Fall Activities To Try w/ The Family

1. Apple Picking

This is a classic! Apples are perfect in the fall, and there’s nothing like the first crisp, juicy bite of a fall apple. I’m personally a Honeycrisp girl, but you can’t go wrong with any kind of fresh produce! Plus, you can take them home and make all of our amazing apple-inspired fall recipes.

2. Haunted Bonfire

Gather some wood and have an epic bonfire! Take the heat up a notch with some scary stories, warm apple cider, and s’mores. Whoever tells the best can’t-sleep-with-the-lights-off-tonight tale gets bragging rights for the rest of the year.

3. Pumpkin Carving

One of my favorite fall activities is carving pumpkins! You can make basic carvings like a face, or get really detailed and creative with it and carve your name. I like to get a bunch of small pumpkins and create a lit path to my front door every night! It’s so festive and cozy.

4. Fall Recipes

Is there anything better than cooking in the fall? One of my favorite recipes is this low calorie Carrot Ginger soup. It’s so delicious, packed with seasonal herbs and spices, and can be prepped in advance for simple dinners!

5. Halloween Brainstorm 

It happens every year – you’re invited to a Halloween party and have nothing to wear. This year, volunteer to host a pre-Halloween party where everyone gets together mid-way through October and decides what to wear. It’s so much more fun to brainstorm with friends, and you’re guaranteed to come up with some hilarious costume ideas.

6. DIY Decorations

As exciting as fall decoration shopping can be, it’s never fun finding a place to store everything once the season comes to an end. Instead, you can DIY some decorations, like paper pumpkins, popcorn garlands, or dried florals. They look great, and you won’t feel bad about tossing them once winter rolls around.

7. Fresh Air Fitness

Once the heat of summer starts to die down, being outside feels like the most luxurious thing ever. Grab a girlfriend or family member to get outside with each day. Maybe you walk a certain amount of time or distance, or you agree to go for a run around your favorite pond. No matter how you choose to get some fresh air this season, you won’t regret it!

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