Benefits of the Plantain Weed

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Episode Summary

If you love practical herbalism, you’re really going to enjoy this episode with Mel Mutterspaugh about the many, many gifts of plantain (Plantago spp.)! Mel shares so many simple and practical ways to work with this abundant and powerful herb that you’ll undoubtedly walk away with some new recipes and methods to try for yourself.

By the end of this episode, you’ll know:

► Why Mel says, “When in doubt: plantain.”

► A fun way to introduce kids to plantain for little ouchies or bug bites

► How a plantain moment wowed an initially skeptical, “manly man” carpenter

► How Mel is working to fulfill her mission to help there be an herbalist in every home

You’ll also receive instant FREE access to Mel’s fabulous tea blend, Wild Weedy Respiratory ReLeafy. Even herbalists who consider plantain one of their all-time favorite herbs to work with admit that plantain tea isn’t the best-tasting brew. But Mel has created a blend that brings you plantain’s medicinal benefits, while tasting good, too. This is one to know for cold and flu season!

If you aren’t already familiar with her, Mel is a clinical herbalist, environmental educator, founder of the herbal products company, Mountain Mel’s Essential Goods, podcast host at The Herbalist’s Path, and most importantly, a mom to a fun and silly 9 year old daughter.

Mel’s enthusiasm for and knowledge of plantain and herbalism for parents is deep and wide. I’m thrilled to share our conversation with you today!

Plantain is so abundantly there. Most people are trying to kill it in their yards. If we can just raise that awareness of the power of this beautiful, beautiful medicine, then we can change the world.


What You’ll Learn from This Episode

  • [01:08] Introduction to Mel Mutterspaugh
  • [02:22] Mel shares her path to becoming an herbalist
  • [05:38] Why Mel chose plantain (Plantago spp.) for this episode
  • [07:46] Working with Plantago major vs. Plantago lanceolata
  • [10:10] Plantain for healing leaky gut syndrome
  • [13:57] Plantain for insect bites or stings
  • [16:49] Mel’s tea blend recipe: Wild Weedy Respiratory ReLeafy
  • [19:47] More on why plantain is such a powerful herb to know and work with
  • [23:11] Mel shares her current project: Apothecary Momma
  • [30:24] The big misconception about herbs Mel sees over and over again

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