fairlife brand reaching a quarter of US households, says VP. ‘Demand is at an all-time high’

While some high-profile players including Chobani, Maple Hill and Organic Valley have recently jumped in – and then out* – of the ultra-filtered milk category, with Chobani observing in April​ that “We have come to the tough conclusion that it does not make sense for Chobani to be in the dairy milk business at this time” – ​fairlife is enjoying “mid-double-digit​” growth across its portfolio, VP commercial, Colin Schriver told FoodNavigator-USA.

fairlife​ ​continues to drive the category growth and we’ve been fortunate to grow mid-double-digits across the space in which we compete from a total portfolio perspective in 2022.

Demand is at an all-time high across our portfolio and we’ve reached over 30 million US households purchasing a fairlife product, which is about a quarter of all US households. The vast majority of our consumers are existing category buyers​ [‘trading up’ within the category], but qualitatively we often hear consumers say we ‘brought them back’ to milk.”

Coca-Cola – which took full ownership of fairlife in 2020 – doesn’t share sales of its sub-segments, which now include yogurts, light ice cream, milk [13g protein/8oz serving], DHA-enhanced milk, Core Power protein shakes [26g protein/14oz bottle], and Nutrition Plan meal replacements drinks [30g protein/11.5oz bottle – launched in early 2021], said Schriver.  

However, “the top three products are our 52oz ultra-filtered milk, which competes in the broader value-added dairy space, and our two protein beverages that meet distinct needs: Core Powerfor post-workout muscle recovery, and Nutrition Plan​, which is a great tasting meal or snack on the go,” ​he said.

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