How To Improve Productivity At Work Through Wellness

2. Make Yourself At Home

If the chair or desk you were provided at work doesn’t make you your happiest, most productive self, request a swap! Even if you bring in something of your own you’ve purchased, it will make all the difference! My suggestion is a desk that can alternate between a sitting and standing desk. The change in position will not only support you physically, but mentally too!

3. Take Your Lunch Break

This is so underrated! Of course, there are times when deadlines are coming and working through lunch sounds better than missing your 5:30 spin class, but in general, take. your. lunch. Here’s why: Eating in front of a screen is going to take a toll on your digestion in a few ways. For one, you’re less focused on eating and more likely to chow down without chewing thoroughly. Second, the lack of focus and chewing will cause you to get hungry sooner, experience gas or bloat, or all of the above. It’s worth it to take your lunch into a break room or outside (even better), so you can feel great long after you’ve eaten. It also serves as a breath of fresh air stepping away from your desk.

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