Nestlé finds sweet spot between confections and snacks with Rallies Nut Butter Bombs

The trio of chocolate-coated treats filled with peanut butter and raspberry, dark chocolate and almond butter or cashew butter may recall the decadent sweets of Nestle’s former 100Grand and BabyRuth bars sold to Ferrero in 2018, but these are positioned as a “better for you snacking product,”​ Nestlé New Business Ventures senior manager of innovation and strategy Jamie Harbeck told FoodNavigator-USA.

She explained that even though the combination of chocolate and nut butter makes the treats indulgent, they also are “something you can feel a little less guilty about eating … because [they have] cleaner ingredients – so premium chocolate, real nut butter, real fruit, no artificial preservatives and actually 40% less sugar than the leading nut butter chocolate candy.”

Positioned as an afternoon or on-the-go pick-me-up, Harbeck added, “Rallies can help fill the void for when you want something sweet, but you don’t want to feel guilty.”

‘9 out of 10 people snack and one of those … each day is some type of indulgence’

The launch also fills a void in Nestlé’s portfolio for snacks – the demand for which has escalated since the company sold its confections business, the closest it came to offering snacks excluding some of its smaller frozen offerings, like Hot Pockets, which could qualify as “snacks” for some under the broadening definition of the term.

“Our data tells us that nine out of 10 people snack and one of those snacks each day is usually some type of indulgence. We all want a little something sweet at some point in the day,”​ Harbeck said, noting Rallies are a perfect way to check that box.

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