What will it take to bolster plant-based protein? Meatless Farm says innovation

For Meatless Farm this means offering a full line-up of proteins – not just patties and grounds, but also a new chicken breast alternative – and expanding into the adjacent category of packaged pasta with the launch of two raviolis that both complement its existing portfolio and bring it into a new part of the grocery store.

Meatless Farm marketing director Kavita Shah explained at Natural Products Expo East that innovations like these will be essential for the long-term success of plant-based products – especially as the constricting economy pushes consumers to be more selective about where they spend their money and how much they deem a product to be worth.

“Inflation is a definitely a huge cause of people maybe not purchasing what they used to in the last year or two, and its really affecting all of the different categories, but plant-based in particular,”​ Shah said. “And I think within the plant-based industry, what we can do to combat against that really ties to innovation and offering consumers things that are different – so not just burgers and grounds, but really offering different things like chicken and plant-based pasta … so the consumer feels good about spending a little bit more money because they are getting something that is different, that they cant get with other brands.”

Shah explained this idea is fundamental at Meatless Farm which prides itself on offering alternative proteins across consumer needs and day parts with products ranging from breakfast patties, sausages and breaded chicken breasts.

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